Take the fear out of change

In this age of information, change is not only constant, but it’s happening faster each year. It’s easy to feel a little afraid.

And that’s just as an individual, with a screen and a thumb. For a big organisation, it’s Big Data. And with hundreds of screens and thumbs, keeping up with change can be overwhelming. But does it have to be? The Change Executive was founded on a short answer to that question: no.


Fear undermines relationships, and communication saves them. It’s the same inside organisations: when you stop talking human to human, you stop growing. Fear creeps in and change grinds to a halt. That’s why you need to make time for a real conversation. And that’s where The Change Executive comes in: we help you have the one good conversation that can change you for good.


5 Reasons To Choose Us

Lasting change

We build change as an ongoing habit.

Saving you time

We pinpoint your pain-point, quickly.

Years of experience

Over 30 years of change insight.

Value for money

We’re always ondemand and flexible.

Creative approach

Driving innovation in your organisation.

The Change Room

We help you have the one good conversation that can change you for good.
So where do you have that one good conversation?

It could be at your offices, but will people speak freely?
It could be in a conference room, but will it feel you?

Or you could have it in The Change Executive’s dedicated space, The Change Room.
(Don’t worry, you won’t have to undress, just face the naked truth together.)


In Change Mode

Inside the word “challenge”, lies the word “change”.
It’s the kind of thing you see then never forget.

We facilitate powerful conversations that shift mindsets to create cultures of sustainable high performance. We believe in you – you have all the resources you need to overcome your challenges. Our role is to support you to gain new insights and enable you to move forward without fear. Your role is to bring the challenges to the conversation. Our approach is as unique as you are, and that gets extraordinary results.



Performance coaching

We offer reliable performance coaching support for emerging talent, executive leaders, business owners, and teams of any kind.

Change leadership advice

Sometimes you need advice from someone who’s has been in your shoes. Let us help you navigate your changes.

Learning experiences

We augment your self-directed learning. We create personal and memorable experiences. Let’s connect – human to human.

Keynote speaking

Karen gives a fresh perspective on handling change. It will unlock your audience’s potential and create new ways of thinking.

Our reach continues to grow. Since 2013,

we are proud to have supported…







Clients & Partners

What Our Clients Say

She was just an amazingly experienced practitioner.

Needed more time, she was fascinating to listen to. Some great challenging concepts in relation to general change management.

Wonderful. Very interesting and engaging presentation!

Wish I had this course at the beginning of my position! Thanks

Fantastic work, experience and energy amongst the Change Executive Team.

Claudia Clegg – Director People and Culture