Our Services

High performing and resilient organisations are full of people who expect the unexpected and turn challenges into opportunities for growth. Change is a constant, and your time is precious. Our time spent with your leaders and staff/stakeholder community is focused and purposeful.


The Change Executive facilitates powerful conversations to develop healthy habits that future-proof you from disruption, stagnation or burn-out.


It is our fundamental belief that you have all the resources you need to answer your questions. Our role is to support you to gain new insights, that will shift mindsets and move you quickly and naturally into a culture of high performance that is both enviable and self-sustaining.


Our range of services include coaching, advisory and learning experiences. Our conversations are powered by neuroscience, growth mindset and continuous improvement practices. For instance, with creative methodologies like Cultural Storyboarding™, where a professional cartoonist captures the conversation.


Our approach is as unique as you are, and that gets extraordinary results.

Performance coaching

We offer reliable performance coaching support for emerging talent, executive leaders, business owners, and teams of any kind.

Change leadership advice

Sometimes you need advice from someone who’s has been in your shoes. Let us help you navigate your changes.

Learning experiences

We augment your self-directed learning. We create personal and memorable experiences. Let’s connect – human to human.

Keynote speaking

Karen gives a fresh perspective on handling change. It will unlock your audience’s potential and create new ways of thinking.