Who Are We

Pinpointing the pain-point

Karen Simmons

Known for her bold approach, she asks the questions others are afraid to, and sees opportunity for improvement everywhere. It might hurt a little at first, but as they say, “No pain, no gain.”

Drawing your thoughts together

Loui Silvestro

The artist who captures our conversations as they happen. His drawings not only help you remember what was said, they keep the atmosphere (and tongues) relaxed. Keepsakes with a purpose.

Future-focused: Building a Better Life

Ghislaine Park

Ghislaine will help you achieving work-life balance so you can enjoy your personal and professional life without stress or guilt.
Working with her means working with a highly empathetic and unbiased coach who supports you through challenges, help manage change effectively and get you your mojo back.

Making sure it all adds up

Trevor Hattersley

Our Finance Director, and commercials guy. 27 years based in the Pacific, and worked across every Asian country, helping others to figure out their finances. When he’s not crunching the numbers, he’s munching cheese, sipping wine, and enjoying the beach.

Master of Organised chaos

Claire Schriever

Claire is known for her meticulous attention to detail, her adaptable nature and her inclusive ways of working. As our Production Manager she has the super power to find pragmatic ways to drive projects and a personal motto of 'Claire always delivers'. She also loves to travel, spend time on the beach or on a ski run.

Changing work engagement

Nicolien Timmer

Meet Nicolien, our career coach. She gets people to enjoy work. With her Dutch directness, Swiss efficiency combined with motherhood, she brings results to her clients and even more international flavour to the team.

Shaping and elevating culture

Caroline Wagner

A champion of organisational improvement, change and employee engagement. She is one collaborative executive who shapes business excellence through the facilitation of engaging initiatives. Cultivating positivity despite seemingly insurmountable challenges.

We have CHOICES.

Doreen Teo

Doreen wants to empower people to do what they love and live a fulfilling and meaningful life. To be of positive impact and inclusive – she gets you to look for similarities to connect and differences to learn.

Having fun with storytelling


Our friendly, hairy caterpillar who is passionate about change (and secretly, a little afraid too). He’s a natural storyteller and brings natural positive energy with him wherever he goes. He helps humans think differently.

Leading the pack


She takes her role as head of security, and chief conflict management officer very seriously indeed. Her alternative methods for helping humans’ bond, get creative and collaborative are as unique as she is.