Performance Coaching

Think of us as your co-pilot. And not the “What does that button do?” kind. We’re reliable Performance Coaching support for emerging talent, executive leaders, business owners, and teams of any kind. We are here to support your personal growth and achievement. It is an energising and uplifting process.


Most people achieve results far exceeding their initial expectations. Expect us to challenge your thinking at times, but in the word challenge is change – and change doesn’t happen without effort. We are your thinking partner whenever you need us, so whether goal-focused or on-demand, we’ll land what you need – with plenty of runway to spare. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

icon-Individual Coaching Conversations

On-Demand Coaching

Private, one on one 60-minute targeted coaching conversation with Change Exec Certified Coach (either face to face or remote), for example:

  • Support to overcome specific work challenge
  • Sounding board for decision-making
  • Difficult conversation practice
  • Workplace relationships

icon-Goal-based coaching program

Coaching Programs

A goal-orientated series of 12 private, one on one coaching sessions, with Change Exec Certified Coach, designed to support personal development and growth for:

  • Performance improvement
  • Goal achievement
  • Career development

icon-Community coaching conversations

Community-based Coaching

Working with mixed hierarchical groups, or leadership teams (between 8-20) to:

  • lift team performance, culture or engagement
  • gather insight and ideas for resolving organisational pain-points