Our Story

The Change Executive was constituted as an organisation in 2013, here in Australia. With an Aussie partner, relocating to Australia wasn’t a tough decision, yet Karen struggled for a while to find her ‘purpose’ and ‘place’ in yet another new context. Whilst change management contracting, one thing struck her – the amazing human potential hiding inside organisations, operating in contexts that seemed unable to listen for the potential strength that was already there within!

Karen is passionate about connecting organisations to that potential from within, and igniting the inspiration for positive, lasting change. Today, in a VUCA world, The Change Executive is all about getting people and organisations In Change Mode™. We are a growing, diverse community of coaches, learning facilitators, change advisors, and partners who all share this passion and work with leaders, teams and organisations to support them to thrive, and stay one step ahead in an ever-changing world.

Where next? Well, The Change Executive continues to evolve…..it’s in our DNA

Our Purpose

To take the fear out of change

Our Mission

To support as many organisations and the humans who inhabit them, to be the best versions of themselves in these times of change.

Our Values

Put in the effort to strive for excellence. Be courageous in our approach. Demonstrate kindness to ourselves and others always. Hug the question. Be OK with knowing you will never know all the answers. Laugh out loud!

Our Values

  • Put in the effort to strive for excellence
  • Be courageous in our approach
  • Demonstrate kindness to ourselves and others always
  • Hug the question. Be OK with knowing you will never know all the answers
  • Laugh out loud!

Our reach continues to grow. Since 2013,

we are proud to have supported…







The Change Executive …

...sees infinite opportunities for future growth and improvement in others

...doesn’t let fear dominate or stand in the way of kind, positive change

...is switched on to global, local and internal context changes

...wants organisations, and each human inhabiting them, to be the best version of themselves.

Are you a Change Executive?

We would love to hear from you if you are, or if you’re inspired to make a difference as a leader,
let us help you achieve that goal…