Meet The Founder

A Gen-Xecutive  – 30 years standing at a wipe board!

An early career spent building the habit of business excellence. 10 life-changing years, leading and shaping the world’s independent assurance and business excellence standards sector, there when Motorola’s Bill and Bob co-created LEAN Six Sigma!  (that was back in the day when Black Belts were only used in martial arts 😊)

Once the training wheels were off, it was time to get into the driving seat and tackle large-scale, and tech start-up service transformations (yep – Call Centres and E-Commerce were rocking the world back in 2000 and she was busy helping Harry Potter go digital!), and this is where she learned the secret sauce for successful change – keep trying, stay curious, and find a sense of humour!

Yet, being inside one organisation for a long time, just didn’t feel right to Karen (there’s that Gen X spirit again!).

That’s how The Change Executive was born. It was time to get herself In Change Mode™. Helping as many people and organisations as possible, across the globe develop the human capital needed to overcome challenges and improve personal and business performance. Creating and facilitating memorable learning and reflective experiences.

Whilst the engine was running, a trusted client lured her back into the driving seat, this time for social good. How do you say no to that? (we’re glad she didn’t!). What followed was 5 wonderful years in the Land of the Unexpected that was Papua New Guinea. Living and leading change in a social development context that was new and exciting in every sense of the word. Literally, taking the fear out of change to improve the lives of the PNG people, and the volunteers who came from all over the world to contribute their expertise and time.

Today she continues to strive for positive change – through both her client work and through her voluntary board role with SURFAid, an Australian based International development organisation.