Keynote Speaking

Speaker Bio
Karen Simmons Director

With over 30 years as an organisational change specialist across the UK, Europe, USA, Asia and
Australia, Karen has become a trusted advisor to a multitude of leaders in government agencies and
iconic brands, locally and globally. She has a deep understanding of what it takes to transform a
business culture from the ‘inside out’ – an insight she ironically now hones by examining the problem
from the outside, since branching out on her own and founding The Change Executive in February


It’s from this novel ‘outside in’ approach that Karen draws her power, with a creative outlook that’s
refreshingly honest and free from bias. Known for her boldness, she asks the questions most are
afraid to, dissecting the issue with laser like clarity and pinpointing the pain-point. Her ability to see
opportunity where others don’t has helped everyone from boutique start-ups to giant corporates;
while her extensive international not-for-profit experience has inspired her to apply social
development in her work – a skill which she’s transmuted from communities to organisations.


Ask Karen what her purpose is, and she’ll say it’s helping you realign with yours so you can realise
your full potential. Her aim is to get you In Change Mode™ and help you develop a healthy habit that
can future-proof your organisation from disruption.

She helps you have ​ the one conversation that can change your organisation for good​. With creative
methodologies like Cultural Storyboarding™, where a professional cartoonist captures the
conversation, her methods are far from ordinary. And that gets extraordinary results.