In Change Mode™

To take the fear out of change, we help you to master the art of healthy anticipation.

Click in the diagram to learn more.

Click in the diagram to learn more.
What needs to change? How might we change? Let's Change! Why Change?

What needs to change?

In our Discover phase expect to gain new perspectives and insights.

We analyse existing data, look for themes in complex issues, and ask powerful and challenging questions to uncover all the opportunities for improvement and change.

How might we change?

In our Design phase expect to turn new insights into a high-level framework for change.

We apply human-centred design principles to work with you to explore options, prototype and come up with innovative answers to your most complex change challenges.

Let's Change!

In our Deliver phase expect to get change started and see results.

We turn the change framework into actionable ‘chunks’ to work on within a 30-60-90-day iteration cycle. The cycle repeats to keep up the forward momentum. Remember change is constant!

Why Change?

Why change 

Change is constant. Get ahead. Avoid the overwhelm by constantly seeking out opportunities for change. We know where to look, and how to get you started. 

We bring together people, process, performance data, with the perspectives of leadership, community and context, to deliver transformative outcomes.

The Challenge

Inside the word “challenge”, lies the word “change”. It’s the kind of thing you see then never forget. We facilitate powerful conversations that shift mindsets to create cultures of sustainable high performance.

In Change Mode™?

We believe in you – you have all the resources you need to overcome your challenges. Our role is to support you to gain new insights and enable you to move forward without fear. Your role is to bring the challenges to the conversation. Our approach is as unique as you are, and that gets extraordinary results.
In Change Mode ™ is our way of coaching you to achieve your goals. We demonstrate and practice the essential skills needed for building healthy personal and organisational habits.
Once embedded – happier people, resilience and ongoing innovation will become the norm! Change is a constant, and your time is precious. Our time spent with your leaders and community is focused and purposeful.

Examples of Change Challenges

  • Digital Transformation
  • Internal Conflict Resolution
  • Toxic Cultures
  • Dysfunctional teams

  • Mental wellbeing
  • Restructures, mergers & acquisitions
  • Employee experience
  • Diversity & inclusion