Change Leadership Advisory

Our goal is to help companies thrive. (We’re pretty confident you want to.) We provide support to business leaders, change managers and HR professionals to help successfully navigate your way to achieving your goals, through making the links between your ambitions and goals and your unique challenges around People, Process and Performance.


And not just because we like alliteration – though we love a little lilt in our literature – but because attending to the three Ps produces a fourth: a Protocol so intuitive, you can roll it out yourself. We call it getting In Change Mode™.


If that all sounds too overwhelming, take it one step at a time and delve into our our on-demand advisory services. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

icon - Change Management Mentoring


A series of 12 X 60 min private, one on one conversations with our Director, providing experience and advice on organisational change and overcoming resistance.

icon - Complex Change Advice

Complex Change Advice

Private, one on one, or small group Senior-level conversations, to support with overcoming complex challenges.

It is distinct from coaching; our Director engages with the problem/issue at hand, and shares own insight, tools and experiences from multiple perspectives

icon - Culture Storyboarding

Culture Storyboard

Our unique process of enabling honest and safe conversations through recording group discussions with illustrations produced live by our artist.

These images are used to analyse and discuss emergent cultural issues with senior leadership.